Community rules

(1) Be nice

Be civil, courteous, and respectful. Do not use extreme language or act with hostility.

(2) Be a good person

Do not insult, mock, or attack other users based on race, gender, age, occupation, physical or mental health, or opinions about fountain pens.

(3) No transactions allowed

Do not use the community as a platform for any sort of transaction for money or other value. (In other words, do not offer to sell, buy, or trade things as a first party.) Links to a page that offer a product or service are allowed, as long as the transaction is not on Mastodon.

(4) No pornographic content

Do not post pornographic or otherwise age-restricted content. Nude art may be submitted with an appropriate content warning.

(5) Giveaways

Do not post giveaways without moderator approval.

(6) Off-topic conversations

If a conversation posted to the group is not relevant to the fountain pens or the fountain pen community, moderators may remove it from the Penfount feed. (It will still be visible to your followers and in search.)