Looking for contributors

Looking for contributors
Photo by Álvaro Serrano / Unsplash

Hi everyone!

We are looking for contributors to the blog on the following topics:

  • Why fountain pens?
  • Quick start guide to fountain pens
  • Picking your first pen
  • Cleaning your fountain pen dos and don’ts
  • Gold vs steel nibs
  • Introduction to nib swapping / nib formats
  • Flex pen options compared
  • Budget pens (Chinese/Indian?)
  • Fountain pen friendly paper/planners
  • Guide to brick and mortar fountain pen stores, including a representative list
  • Using a nibmeister, what can they do, what to expect, list of reputable nibmeisters
  • Pen Show 101 - It would be nice to compile a list of pen shows if there’s room
  • Ink do’s and don’ts
  • Is it mold or is this normal?
  • Dip pens
  • Troubleshooting guide (aka “My pen won’t write. What do I do?”)
  • Flying with fountain pens
  • Waterproof and water resistant inks
  • Retractable fountain pens
  • Best fountain pens for artists / sketching / inking
  • Using water brushes with fountain pen inks
  • How to keep ink off your hands and clean it off your hands

If you've got another topic in mind, we're happy to hear your idea as well!

Either way, we'll help with editing, scheduling and publishing. Please reach out to our blog editor @paradoxmo@penfount.social!