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Join our community on Mastodon by following the instructions below!

New to Mastodon?

If your primary interest is in fountain pen content, you are welcome to sign up on our community server,

Or, on mobile/tablet through the Mastodon official app, choose “Pick another server”, type in and select it. Go through the signup process.

If you’d like to see a wider variety of topics, you may sign up on any general-purpose Mastodon server.

How to join

Follow On the your Mastodon server's website, type this in the search bar and it should come up, click follow. You should be followed back shortly (generally immediately, but may take up to a few hours). Once you’re followed back, you can post to the group.

To post:

Make a post and include the hashtag #FountainPen or #FountainPens. @penfount will see this and boost your post out to the group.

Replies to threads do not need a hashtag.

Follow or go to the community profile page.

To see posts from pen lovers on this server:

Select the Local timeline, or browse to it.

To see posts from the pen community at large:

Select the Federated timeline, or browse to it.