Happy birthday Penfount!

We're so excited to have finally reached one year on the Fediverse!

Happy birthday Penfount!
Photo by Nick Stephenson / Unsplash

Hi everyone!

Today is officially one year since we launched Penfount. It has truly been a pleasure talking pens and inks this past year with everyone on the Fediverse! The diversity of our community from writers to artists to tinkerers is amazing. I feel that the Fediverse is such a great fit for fountain pens, since the people who are so passionate as to use a federated social media network are the same kind of people who can really get into a niche hobby like fine writing instruments. And it's also been great to see the cross-pollination into other niche hobbies and passions that also flourish on the Fediverse.

If you like our community and content, consider contributing in the following ways!

Question of the day

We run our #FPQuestion of the day series on Tuesdays and Fridays and we're always looking for submissions! What question are you dying to ask our community about pens, inks, or stationery? Please submit your questions via private mention to @paradoxmo. Or just be on the lookout for the questions and contribute your answers!

Swatch Wednesday

Every Wednesday we encourage people to post swatches and writing samples of the inks they're using. There are so many inks out there that it's impossible for one person to have seen them all, and it's been great seeing the vast variety that our community uses, in particular some regional brands that don't get a lot of publicity or play on the internet. Join us on Wednesdays at #SwatchWednesday #FountainPenInks!

Contribute to the blog

Our community has so much collective knowledge that needs to be recorded in a more accessible format; microblogging is fine, but it's painful to try to find a particular toot months or years later. That's why we have our Penfount blog, where we post structured content which is easy to find and easy for search engines to pick up. You're reading it right now!

If you're like to contribute, we have a list of topics we're looking for someone to write about, or you can submit your own topic proposal!

Join us on Mastodon

If on the other hand you found us through the blog, I hope you consider joining the conversation on Mastodon! The pace is quite leisurely and everyone posting has something interesting to contribute—the anti-doomscroll.

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That's it for now. I hope you have a wonderful July!